“Work with a partner, not just with another supplier”

ECRA is a commercially oriented company with decades of experience in the medical market in Italy and Europe.

Composed from the beginning by resources with experience and expertise in the field, this has turned out to be a fundamental prerequisite for the continuous and constant growth over the years of the company: updating, training and competitiveness have represented and represent an advantage especially in the internationalization of our business, developed thanks to agreements and collaborations with the main vendors in the sector.

This deep commitment draws its origin from solid organizational skills and constant reference to a set of values that have led the company, to date, to offer the most complete range of products dedicated to certain specialties in the medical field, with particular focus on diagnostic imaging, radiology, and the operating room.

Our business, built on a solid foundation.

Over the years we have developed a deep understanding of the medical market, whose processes and infrastructure we have understood.

The skills of our team are an added value to be spent in contact with customers and suppliers in order to consolidate the existing relationship and mutually benefit from the interaction.

We closely follow the market in order to always offer up-to-date solutions.


In a globalized and competitive market we believe that simply “finding the product” today cannot and should no longer suffice. Information is now so integrated at all business levels and used for multiple purposes that what matters is no longer just “the product” but the “overall vision” to be achieved through a skillful and efficient integration of the various elements.

Our mission is accomplished by offering both individual elements to be integrated into pre-existing solutions and ex-novo solutions. Other main features of our offerings are:


Full harmonization with current regulations for marketed products


Supply efficient technical support that can respond to customer requests in a prompt time


Always follow market developments and trends with attention and interest


Today what matters is no longer just the product but the overall vision, to be achieved through skillful and efficient integration of the various elements.
In this globalized and competitive market we believe, therefore, that expertise and knowledge are the only real discriminating elements in the high-tech I.T. “Healthcare” market

Our vision is therefore focused on improving in terms of efficiency and effectiveness the technological offering to our customers, whether it is proposed as a single element or as an integration of elements and thus solution.

Market knowledge